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Lightbulb The Secret of Online Gambling Mathematics
Posted by: phcasinoguide - 06-14-2022, 03:47 AM - Forum: General Gaming Discussion - No Replies

[Image: 1rc2ypL.jpg]

All casino games are configured to give the casino an advantage, which is also referred to as 'house edge'. This plays a crucial role in the gambling world, as casinos are businesses that need to be profitable to be able to operate long-term. The house edge embedded into all casino games allows them to do that.

Each casino game offers a specific return to player (RTP), which describes the percentage of wagered money that players can expect to get back from the casino in the form of winnings in the long run. The theoretical RTP is almost always (with very specific exceptions) lower than 100%, with the remainder forming the house edge.

For example, European roulette has an RTP of 97.3% and a house edge of 2.7%. This means that when you wager $100, your statistical expected return is $97.30, and the casino can expect to make $2.70 from your bets in the long run. Of course, your actual winnings for a one-off $100 bet will range from $0 to $3,600, depending on the bet you place and the outcome of the game round.

The RTP is a long-term statistical value. The results of individual game rounds can vary greatly, but the overall results will get closer and closer to the expected RTP with an increasing number of game rounds.

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Lightbulb Online Gambling Strategies and Tips from the Pros
Posted by: phcasinoguide - 05-09-2022, 02:34 AM - Forum: General Gaming Discussion - No Replies

[Image: bPxLW1Q.jpg]

With so much money changing hands, it’s no wonder that gamblers are always looking for new approaches to beat the odds. This article will explore some of the most common tactics professional gamblers use, including tips to keep you from losing everything. One thing to note is that most of the strategies mentioned in the post are not fool-proof, and the house advantage will stay intact. You are not cheating, but rather you are attempting to increase your odds of winning something.

First Step: Find A Casino You Enjoy Play At

With a vast array of online casinos at your disposal, you should choose one that suits your playing style and provides you with the most significant amount of enjoyment. Although this sounds like an easy first step, there are some nuances that you should understand. Furthermore, if you make the wrong choice, no strategy in the world will make your playing experience fun. Before getting started, you should consider your location. There will be laws surrounding online gambling in some countries, as well as how you can bet. In other cases, it is simply more convenient to sign up for a casino that caters to your country. Luckily, there are usually options for every country. For instance, LUHOPLAY is a trusted online casino in Philippines, so people lived in Philippines can choose it to play.

Start With Something Simple

If you are new to the gambling world, you should begin with a simple game to allow you to learn the basics of gambling. Blackjack has so many strategies developed over time that there is very little room for error.

Don’t Flinch On Mid Numbers

Many beginners will keep hitting when they see their numbers add up to 12 or 13. This is because it is tempting to believe that the dealer will have something better for you than you do. However, it only takes a 10 value to tip you over the 21 thresholds. Considering that you have a 4 out of thirteen chance of going bust, it is wise to stand. There is also a high chance that as the dealer continues to hit, they will go bust themselves, leaving you with the winning hand.

Go for Games with a Low House Edge

If you have been around for some time, and you have the skills to play table games, go for low house edge types like blackjack. With blackjack, the house edge can decrease to as low as 0.05%. However, this will also require some tactic and effort from your side. If you insist on slots, go for a slot game like archer or the bonus bears slot game. These two have a lower house edge of between 3-7%. They may have a lower RTP, but still, many players who want to deal with minimal risk prefer them.

Use Tactics

Although casino games may have some element of luck, skills also play a huge role. Although games like slots work randomly, others might require some skills. Learn the basics of these games, and practice as much as possible. Also, know when to quit. With some of the above-mentioned tips, there is no reason why you cannot succeed in this industry.


If you plan to accept the bonuses, read the attached terms and conditions, plus the casino guidelines that may be involved. Remember, as a real-money gambler, you want to take advantage of any means available that will help you to maximize the chance of winning. After all, is said and done, it is time to play and have fun, as you watch the profits grow. Online casino gaming can be a good place to unwind while at the same time reaping some profits. When well implemented, the above tips will help you succeed.

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Thumbs Up A few useful tips to start playing gambling games
Posted by: phcasinoguide - 04-28-2022, 06:08 AM - Forum: General Gaming Discussion - No Replies

[Image: TONRVlN.jpg]

Tip 1: Get to know the slot machine before you gamble

On many of the slot machines, there are a number of levels available on which bets can be placed. In addition, there is often a huge jackpot associated with a particular slot machine. In order to win it, one must always play with the highest possible bet. It sometimes happens that people don't know this and play with low stakes. At the moment the jackpot combination is rolled, the person receives a smaller profit, because they did not play with the maximum bet.

You can also try out a slot machine first or take advantage of the welcome bonus or free spins. You can then play for money anyway with the free spins you get. This way you get to know the machine before you play with real money. Check out our free spins that you receive when you sign up at a Dutch online casino.

Tip 2: Don't forget to include your wager

A lot of people forget to tell you when they win that they also made a bet. For example, someone might proudly tell you that he cashed out for 500 euros, but that he wagered 450 euros before doing so. The profit is therefore much smaller than someone lets on. So don't talk yourself into winning a lot, but don't forget to deduct your stake from the payout.

Tip 3: Take a break in time between gambling

When you are playing online casino games, you will soon be sitting in the same chair for a long time. This is not a good thing. It is important to leave your seat every now and then, for example to go to the toilet or to get something to drink. If you stay seated too long, greed will win out and you might not be able to place reasonable bets in the long run.

Tip 4: Decide in advance how long you will gamble for

Many casinos don't have a clock or even windows. It is important to keep track of time with your cell phone or watch. When you are gambling you don't know how long you have been playing. Especially if you are losing, it is important that you keep an eye on the time, so you don't unknowingly spend more time losing.

Tip 5: Know when to stop gambling

It is important to go to a casino with a purpose. Walk in or start gambling online with the thought that you will play a maximum amount of X. If you lose this amount, stop playing. If you have lost this amount, don't top it up. But also the other way around, if you're winning and you've doubled your play money, see that it's time to stop because you probably won't get much higher.

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  Customize Your Facebook Profile Banner
Posted by: rakib90 - 03-05-2022, 02:37 PM - Forum: General Discussion Forum - No Replies

Even though Google Plus is making a lot of noise right now, let's not immediately forget good old Facebook. The current version allows you to do pretty things on your profile, with the main photo and the five others above your little biography. Only, it is not always easy to achieve! The FBCrop site offers you to very easily create a personalized banner for your Facebook profile, with the photo you want to add.

It will automatically be cut into a large photo and 5 other smaller ones, Business Phone List which will be positioned appropriately without your intervention. All you have to do is choose an image present on your computer, then move and resize the preview window to obtain the desired cutout. Be careful to move the window, and not your image. you will also have to be careful to select the number of lines that appear between your name and the 5 photos on your Facebook profile.

For example, with my favorite demotivational poster. Then, all that remains is to download the photos obtained, either manually by retrieving them and then adding them one by one to your Facebook profile, or by uploading them automatically via FBCrop. This is by far the simplest solution, and one that works very well. There you go, your profile banner is in place! Other services also allow you to create a personalized profile banner, in a more or less complex way. You should find your happiness!

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  January 2022 Xbox Live Free games with gold
Posted by: Spartan - 12-23-2021, 01:12 PM - Forum: Microsoft Xbox - No Replies

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold subscribers will have four games to download throughout January. The games and dates they'll be available according to the leak are as follows:
Aground (January 16th to February 16th)
NeuroVoider (January 1st to January 31st)
Radiant Silvergun (January 1st to January 15th)
Space Invaders Infinity Gene (January 16th to January 31st)

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  Halo Infinite: Kill Tovarus and Hyperius no damage!
Posted by: Spartan - 12-21-2021, 07:40 PM - Forum: Halo - No Replies

Found a nice spot where you’re unable to be attacked by Tovarus & Hyperius in the Halo Infinite campaign!


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  [UHQ] [PASSIVE] Earn +$130 and $1/day in passive with the highest paying website
Posted by: noname7519 - 12-03-2021, 12:00 PM - Forum: Monetizing & Money - No Replies

This method works everywhere in the world, no need to invest and it's legal !
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Hello the forum
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What you need :

⦁ A computer
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The Method :

Earn +$130 and $1/day in passive with the highest paying website

Presentation :

The site offers to pay you with videos, walls of offers (including a PTC, again some kind of paid videos), surveys, applications / games to simply download, registrations to sites and by e-mail, etc ... And all that paid in paypal, amazon giftcard, etc... and it's the best paid of all websites like him !!!

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Through this link you will earn 3$ for 3$ earned in 30 days which is super easy you will see below !
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As soon as you register you will receive 0,06$, by going to the activity tab, you will have to fill in more details of your profile in return for points. If you check your email address by going to your mailbox you will earn for example 0,05$.

Smartphone application :

You can take the site with you wherever you want, allowing you to be more reactive to do as many paid assignments as possible.

Cashback :

The largest e-commerce sites are referenced there. Sites such as Cdiscount or eBay are present. By buying your purchases via the platform, you will benefit from the cashback via the partner sites.

Surveys :

They allow you to earn an average of 70 points but some have a much higher payout, especially during the gold survey periods, allowing you to double your earnings. This depends on your profile and the selection criteria of the surveys. In the survey section, there is also a side section where you can earn $0.02 for every 10 questions. These questions allow you to sort the surveys that match you or not. Not to mention the daily question worth $0.01.

Download apps :

Earn points by installing apps you can earn 1$ for example by downloading lords Mobile. Or if you have a computer easy 6$ for world of tank, 2$ for enlisted and 2$ for world of warship !

Printable coupons that pay you to save money :

As the title suggests from now on it is also possible to get paid to print vouchers. All of them come out of everyday products in promotion.

Games :

They are offered for free and earn $ depending on our level. There are 3 different games.

Registration on websites and lottery :

By registering on partner sites you can have important gains like with the sign-up for loterry with a e-mail create for ( with GMX ). More than 200$ just for sign-up to crypto wallet and financial app and transfer money or just give your KYC.

Discovery offers and trial periods :

With the trial periods discovery offers, you can get a substantial amount without having to pay a penny. You will also find many games, contests, promotions, brand surveys.

Integrated search engine :

Instead of google you are paid to search through the integrated search engine directly on the site. Allowing to earn points in a random way, up to 1$ can be distributed per day.

Find the code :

The codes that are displayed during a given time everywhere on the site, on facebook, twitter. The objective of these codes is to make you visit as many pages as possible and to make sure you stay as long as possible on the site. For you, if you find the code, the objective is to earn money.

Make a lot of passive money with paid videos :

I also earn a lot, about 0,40$/day by leaving in the background the videos shot and the special daily bonus which is added to the one of the site ! For the bonus you have to register through this link.
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[Image: rogn-hideout-tv-gain-journalier-Copie.png]

Daily goal :

You have to activate it for it to work. You have goals every day, for example if today you make $0.30 you earn $0.03 extra it's a good way to boost your earnings.

Tips :

Install the Toolbar by this link for 1$ for free, use the cashback and the discount coupons and let the videos run in the background on your computer, then do your internet searches directly with their search engine to earn maximum points and enjoy the daily bonus effortlessly and don't forget to answer to the daily survey for 0,01$ and answer to the 10 questions for 0,02$ in the side section, it's very very easy money, like 1$/day in autopilot for simple passive earning !

My proof of earning :

[Image: Preuve-gains-Copie.png]

1 SB = 0,01$ than 13 080 SB = 130,80$, 1 SB is the minimum, incredible for a website like this the 0,01$ is the minimum amount !

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  [UHQ] [AUTOPILOT] Ultimate way for aiming $100/day masterplan !
Posted by: noname7519 - 12-02-2021, 05:07 PM - Forum: Monetizing & Money - No Replies

This method works everywhere in the world, no need to invest and it's legal !
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Hello the world
Today I have chosen to share with you the methods that have helped me the most to generate a very consistent passive income in the easiest way !!!   Wink

This e-book gives a lot of precious advice to optimize your passive earnings with applications that can generate me in total passive mode :
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Minimum withdrawal amounts of as little as $1 and $2 for some,
And even sign-up bonus of up to $5 !

But above all, they can work and multiply their passive income together, without any embarrassment !
With also great methods to multiply this money many times over, in different ways, all these methods adding up without any hindrance between them !!!

What you need :

⦁ A computer or/and a smartphone
⦁ A Browser
⦁ An internet connection
⦁ Paypal account or/and Cryptocurrency Wallet account etc ...

The Method :


VirusTotal :


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Posted by: noname7519 - 12-02-2021, 02:49 PM - Forum: Crypto Currency - No Replies

This method works everywhere in the world, no need to invest and it's legal !
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Hello all   Cool
Now, I share with you part. 3 of the " Dominate the crypto Era " Collection because many people don't want to download for be virus free !
And I understand your needs and the simplicity to just read the tutorial here on the forum.

Now, this is not another one of those “get rich quick” ebooks that promises you to become a millionaire overnight. What this ebook WILL teach you is how to make some extra bucks on the side the easy and lazy way, which you can use to buy a new gadget, pay off some debt, or eat out at a nice restaurant.

You can change the crypto on binance.

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What you need :

⦁ A computer and a smartphone
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Earn cryptos with youtube's competitor, without censorship !

Presentation of this uncensored streaming site :

Today, I propose you in my opinion the best alternative to Youtube, which you will find here.
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Advantage of this uncensored streaming site :

Especially since you are offered to transfer all your youtube videos to your new channel on the streaming platform, in an extremely simple and fast way, you would be wrong not to take advantage of it too.

How to earn even more money using this uncensored streaming site :

Earn cryptocurrency when you register, every 24 hours by watching a video, then again after 10 videos watched, when you first watch a video on the platform, with your first subscription to a channel, with the creation of your first channel, by publishing your first video on your newly created channel, with your first subscription to your channel, etc ...

The videos are classified according to these categories :

Finance 2.0,
Nice people,
The rabbit hole

To create your account you will only need to authenticate yourself with your cell phone number/E-mail or with an ID.

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  The best-selling led lights on ecofarm.ca, Super Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale!
Posted by: vapormozthy - 11-25-2021, 04:45 AM - Forum: Mobile Discussion - No Replies

Super Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale! Automatically give every order a 32% discount!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming soon, Let me introduce to you a few very good and cheap rosin press sold on our website recently: rosin press canada

Next, I would like to recommend two products around this type:

1. ECO Farm Rosin Press Manual Dual Heat 5*6cm High Pressure Rosin Press Machine

[Image: IMG_8721.jpg]

- Small manual rosin pressing is suitable for home use
- Double-sided heating, each heating plate has a separate time temperature control
- Fahrenheit or Celsius can be switched, even pressure
- Lightweight and compact, easy to carry and safe delivery, save freight
- ECO Farm rosin press can provide double sides heating high pressure and timing.

2.ECO Farm 8 Ton Power Rosin Press Hydraulic Rosin Press Machine

[Image: HP6_7ec2c0bd-e14b-4f12-9f83-1bd2cab2ad41.jpg]

1. 100% brand new, exquisite design.
2. Thicker plate, more durable.
3. Easy to operation.

- Lightweight But Powerful & Sturdy. Maximum Pressing Force Up To 8 Ton. 14000 psi Ram Hydraulic Jack Ensures Successful Pressing at Relatively Low Temperature.
- 5" x 2.5" Dual Heating Plates with Touchscreen Temperature Control & Press Timer. Fahrenheit and Celsius Temperature Scale Options
- Easy to Operate. No Extra Equipment Required. Save Energy by Automatic Sleep/Wake Modes.
- Ergonomic Handle Design Allows You to Move the Press Conveniently.
- Suitable for many kinds of flated material, special for oil extraction.
- Digital timer & temp controller - Preset desired time and an audible alarm will sound when time is complete.
- Set the desired temperature (in Fahrenheit) and element will stop heating when preset temperature is reached.
- Heating elements -Thicker heating plate with more even temp than other suppliers
- Strong metal structure - Machine is heavy-duty, commercial-grade, super stable and built

The above are a few products that I have introduced to you. If you are interested or want to learn more about samsung led grow lights, you can visit our official website: ecofarm.ca.

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